Image Guidelines

1. ABSOLUTELY NO COPYRIGHT IMAGES! -- We simply can not place copyright images that you do not have permission to use on your products. You must have permission or license to use the image. A license from Etsy for famous characters such as a Disney Princess, a Marvel super hero or others are not valid since many of those sellers do not have permission or a license from the copyright holder to create those works.

2. You Must Have Permission-- You must have permission or own the image to use it on your product. If we feel this permission is not valid we will not use your image and will contact you for clarification. 

3. DPI- dpi (dots per inch) of your photo should be 300 or higher. The lower the DPI, the lower quality of your image. We will try to work with what is uploaded to the website, but we may need to contact you for a higher quality image if it does not meet the 300 dpi requirement. 

4. Colors-- Colors vary between different monitors and definitely vary between monitors and printers. We will try to stay true to the colors in your image. A PDF proof will be sent to you before we create the actual item. However, the colors in the proof may differ due to the differences listed above.

5. Please follow Print Areas-- When items are listed for customization there will be a print area listed in the description. Please note that your image will be cut to fit the printable area size. Again, a PDF proof will be sent to you to ensure you see how your image was edited to fit the print area. 

More guidelines will be added as needed to ensure product satisfaction. Please visit this page when ordering customized products for updates.