Decal FUNdraising Guide

Future Fundraising Partner,

Thanks for taking the time to learn more about our Decal FUNdraising. We know your time is precious so we will get right to the point. At Coconut Customs we specialize in creating CUSTOM products for our customers. That means we can take your organization's logo, tagline, or other brand items and turn them into decorative vinyl products for your entire community to enjoy!

Our program is a simple and risk free scenario for your organization. Your organization sells custom made decals to your community. We create those customized decals and sell them to you. Each purchase from your community instantly guarantees a profit for your organization!

Benefits of our fundraising program:

  • No financial investment
  • Instant profit with each sale
  • Numerous customized options
  • No left over inventory

What makes our fundraiser program different:

  • Customized Products
  • Single color or full print decals
  • Products your community will actually want
  • More decals purchased, larger discount for you

Worst case scenario, no decals are sold. But, if that happens you have no left over inventory, no sunken costs, and are right where you started. Best case scenario, you sell a few hundred decals, and now you have added a few thousand dollars to your organization!

Want to learn specifics on how your organization can benefit from this fundraiser?

It's pretty easy to do. Just fill out the contact form below with your questions and submit. Once you do we can answer your questions!